For some in the crowd this was their first STS9 show. For others it was nearing their 50th time seeing the Tribe. They all had their minds equally blown. Sound Tribe’s winding electronic jams coupled with a frenetic light show are not something fans grow tired of. The band’s live setup excellently displays the members expertly playing their instruments. Opener “EHM” got everyone moving when its spacey high-pitched tones gave way to grinding low notes interspersed with audience-added “Woo!”s.

The set included some older tracks, but it was the new songs that really went over well. The proceedings reached a fever pitch when the openers of their latest EP, “Scheme” and “When the Dust Settles” were played back to back. Set closer “Arigato” and its chopped up vocals had the crowd dancing hard and wanting more. One thing that’s for sure: STS9 definitely added a few more members to their tribe Saturday night at North Coast.