“We run. we jump. we swim and play. we row and go on trips
But the things that last forever… are our dear friendships.
Camp Dirtybird, we hold you in our hearts
And when we think about you (it makes me wanna Barrump!)”

The Dirtybird Campout has come and gone but the memories will surely remain in our hearts forever. It’s been but a week but our camp sickness is the real deal. Life beyond the camp perimeter is not like we remembered it. Our mornings are not always bass laced with the sounds of the Martin Brothers. We aren’t able to show off our archery skills to the friends that stayed behind. The pizza tastes just okay, but it’s no Dough Lab. Our camp mates have dispersed around the country and we miss them a lot.

To offset this camp sickness we compiled a recap of the good times we had during our Dirtybird days, nights, and early mornings. We’re already begging mom and dad to send us to camp again next year. Until then, we hope to see all of our Dirtybird pen pals IRL soon!

Special thanks to the Do LaB, Dirtybird Records, and everyone who made the weekend so special.

ClientDirtybird CampoutServicesVideographyYear2016