Swedish DJ, remixer, and record producer Avicii came through Chicago to perform at Congress Theater and React Presents was kind enough to let us shoot the whole thing. Needless to say, it was a rowdy night. The venue was packed and excitement filled the air as the crowd anxiously awaited a performance from Avicii. Once NoahSaltz and I arrived at the venue, there were no shortage of people screaming “Avicii” as people tried to push their way inside. After you made your way in, a DJ was spinning in the lobby where guests were able to get drinks and food before heading into the main room of Congress.

After we made our way inside Congress, the crowd was enjoying a performance from the opening DJ Moguai. The crowd was merely kicking back and everyone was sort of talking among themselves until they could hear a slight build up in the music. They would begin dancing, hands would go in the air and once the build up hit, everyone started jumping around. This was only the beginning. We found ourselves walking around the venue checking out different angles for shots. Along the way we ran into a few friends who had a little too much to drink (or something else) and started incoherent conversations.

The clock was 10 minutes out from the scheduled time for Avicii’s performance so we made our way to the press area to get a good spot. After talking with some of the people in front, you hear a loud roar as Avicii walks across the stage and stands in front of his DJ setup. He waves, the crew gets him all setup, and then the music begins. If my memory serves me correct, Avicii played for almost two hours and during that time, there was never a shortage of hands in the air or people dancing. He dropped “Blessed”, “Hang With Me” and several others. If you weren’t able to see this 20 year old DJ this time, we highly suggest you jump at the opportunity next time he rolls through Chicago. You won’t be disappointed. Big thanks to React Presents!