Last Saturday Above & Beyond made their way across the Atlantic for the second portion of their Group Therapy North America Tour, stopping through Chicago to perform at the Congress Theater alongside Matt Zo and Cosmic Gate. After DJ Magazine named them “a genuine phenomenon… the biggest electronic DJing and production collective the UK has ever produced”, I had to go see what their live show was all about. Being a fan of their work and their TATW series, I was excited for what I was about to witness firsthand.

We hit Congress Theater just before 11 which made for perfect timing because Mat Zo opened (who I wanted to see but missed sadly), Above & Beyond took the stage at 11, and Cosmic Gate was the closer. After getting through security, we made our way inside to see Mat Zo finishing up his set. I will say this, if you don’t know who Mat Zo is and have never listening to his music, do so. He’s making some serious headway in the EDM industry and he’s one of my “must-watch” artists of 2012.

The lights went dim, the crowd screamed, and Above & Beyond made their way to the DJ booth, hands raised in the air as they waved to the crowd. It was only Tony and Jono though which left me wondering where Paavo was. Regardless, the show started and the crowd proceeded to dance for another two straight hours. The production of their show was an intricate part of their whole set. While it wasn’t the best light show I’ve ever seen, it took a minimalist approach but still left me saying “whoa”. Their backdrop displayed positive messages like “remember to fall in love” while including motion graphics of a globe of the world and an astronaut floating through space to their records like “Sun & Moon” and the club mix of “On My Way To Heaven”.

After their set, Tony made his way to the front row to greet fans and sign a few autographs – something we don’t see very often from the artists who come through Chicago. I think it adds a nice little touch and since Trance is all about love and caring for one another, it was a perfect cap to their set. All in all, amazing show, amazing music, and I will definitely be seeing Above & Beyond again when I have the opportunity. I recommend you do the same.

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